Coming Soon: Arkham Hybrid Cowl

Another beautiful model by the incredible Stevie @ Crimson Coscrafts. Based off a simple design hybrid of mine which fuses together the emotional angst from the Arkham Origins cowl with the streamlined, high tech cues of the Arkham Knight cowl. I fell in love long ago with the Origins cowl and newly with the Arkham Knight batsuit... but the cowl didn't have the same fear inducing intensity that the Origins had... so in the spirit of making something awesome even more awesome... this was spawned. Printed in house at first I found that my equipment could not capture all the details found on the sides of the cowl so the model was sent to shape ways for final printing. Now all thats left to do is smooth out the print lines and mold this bad boy.

Has been sized to fit a 24" head and will be cast in black Vytaflex 40 urethane. Should be molded and available for purchase sometime in May.

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  • This is really one of the best cowls I have seen. Which neck piece do you suggest should be used for it?

    Mike Rozmin

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