Helmet - Red Hood Hybrid

Helmet - Red Hood Hybrid

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Red Hood Hybrid Helmet. A two part helmet design consisting of a faceplate and backplate. This exclusive and custom hybrid utilizes design cues from several variants of the Red Hood.
The concept was sketched out on paper and then commissioned to Crimson Coscrafts for modeling.  

This item was 3D printed followed by sanding, assembly and molding. The castings of the helmet is made of smoothcast onyx resin. All finishes are ultimately airbrushed for shading and depth but the choice of finish is either:

Available Finishes:

  • Clean: painted with a clean finish. 
  • Light Weathering: mainly acrylic and simulate light Weathering.
  • Heavy Weathering: use of tools to make actual scuffs and abrations into the surface of then helmet. Acrylics used to give a weathered and dirty look.  

All weathering is done by hand so no two helmets will be exactly alike**

An incredibly unique and wonderful piece to help complete your Red Hood costume or to purchase simply as a conversational item for your coffee table or mancave.

Options currently offered are for the eye setup and are purely cosmetic. One which includes an LED light setup. The lights are attached to the helmet via velcro making them easy to remove if required.

LED setup requires 2 AAA batteries (batteries not included)

*sized to fit snug on a 24" head. 

Please allow 6-8 weeks before shipping as demand is high and items are made to order. 

Note: For those purchasing the version with LED lights, depending on inventory for light kits, there may be a slightly longer processing time.

All items are hand made, wearable fan art. We are no way affiliated with WB or DC Comics.