Cowl - Batman Flashpoint

Cowl - Batman Flashpoint

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COMING SOON Batman: Thomas Wayne Flashpoint: This exclusive cowl is inspired by the Flashpoint skin from the Arkham Knight game series.  The cowl is a two piece design consisting of the cowl/neck and a separate bib. This was done so to allow the wearer some articulation of the neck. As with all our pieces the items were 3D printed, sanded and molded. The cowl and bib are cast in Vytaflex urethane for a strong and flexible fit.
An incredibly unique and wonderful piece to help complete your Batman costume or to purchase simply as a conversational item for your coffee table or mancave.

Available Finishes:

Clean: clean finish as it comes out the mold.  

Weathered: wiped down with acetone and dry brushed with acrylic paint for a weathered appearance. NOTE: Due to the nature of urethane, paints wI'll not permanently bond to the surface and weathering may fade over time but can be reapplied using the same method.   

*sized to fit on a 24" head. 

Please allow 3-4 weeks before shipping as demand is high and items are made to order. 

All items are hand made, wearable fan art. We are no way affiliated with WB or DC Comics.

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