#1 B-Casting - 24

#1 B-Casting - 24" Batman Arkham Hybrid

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Flaw 1: bubble at ear

Cowl will be trimmed and ready to wear prior to shipping. Please read the Flaw descriptions and view the images before purchase as all sales are final  


Batman: Arkham Hybrid Cowl. This exclusive and custom hybrid utilizes design cues from two of the Arkham games(Arkham Knight, Arkham Origins). Specifically I wanted to make a cowl that had the intense brow lines and cheek bones from the Arkham Origins cowl and the smooth finish and high tech design lines and patterns from the Arkham Knight cowl.  The results were more than satisfactory and I am happy to share it with the rest of the cosplay community.
The concept was sketched out on paper and then commissioned to Crimson Coscrafts for modeling. As with all our pieces the items were then 3D printed, sanded and molded. The cowl is cast in Vytaflex urethane for a strong and flexible fit.
An incredibly unique and wonderful piece to help complete your Batman costume or to purchase simply as a conversational item for your coffee table or mancave.


*sized to fit on a 24" head. 

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