Gauntlets - Batman Arkham Knight

Gauntlets - Batman Arkham Knight

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A pair of wearable Batman Gauntlets. Inspired by the ones worn in the Arkham Knight Comic and Game series.

Like most of our items, we carefully studied the piece and took as many reference images as possible to help capture every detail as the model was made from scratch. We then 3D printed the object followed by sanding, assembly and molding. The castings of the gauntets are planned to be made out of Task 16 Urethane.

NOTE: item does not come with harnessing. Harnessing is easy to attach but is the responsibility of the buyer. I can provide easy instructions upon request. 

The choice of finish is either a clean flat black with silver accents or a distressed finish for a more seasoned appearance.

An authentic looking and wonderful piece to help complete your Batman costume or to purchase simply as a conversational item for your coffee table or man-cave.

All items are hand made, wearable fan art. We are no way affiliated with WB or DC Comics.