Helmet - Red Hood DS Variant

Helmet - Red Hood DS Variant

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A wearable Red Hood Helmet. Consists of a faceplate and backplate, joined together by elastic straps. A modified, two eyed design of the Deathstroke helmet from the Arkham Origins Comic and Game series.

This item was 3D printed followed by sanding, assembly and molding. The castings of the helmet is made of smoothcast onyx resin and has two elastic straps joining the face and backplate. The eye sockets have a refective/mirror tint fixed into them. The choice of finish is either a clean or distressed for a more seasoned appearance. **distressing can be customized for light or heavy wear. Default is light wear but see last image for example of heavy wear**

An authentic looking and wonderful piece to help complete your Red Hood costume or to purchase simply as a conversational item for your coffee table or man-cave.

*sized to fit snug on a 24" head but probably more comfortable on a 23" 

Please allow 5-10 business days before shipping as items are made to order. 

All items are hand made, wearable fan art. We are no way affiliated with WB or DC Comics.

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