Helmet -  Hybrid V2
Helmet -  Hybrid V2
Helmet -  Hybrid V2
Helmet -  Hybrid V2
Helmet -  Hybrid V2

Helmet - Hybrid V2

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Hybrid Helmet: A two part helmet design consisting of a faceplate and backplate. This exclusive and custom hybrid utilizes design cues from several variants of the from games and comics. This custom design was sketched out by myself, then passed onto IG: art_deving for 3d modeling  

This item was 3D printed followed by sanding, assembly and molding. The castings of the helmet is made of smoothcast resins. All finishes are ultimately airbrushed for shading and depth but the choice of finish is either:

Available Finishes: (Click to View 360 View)

  • Clean: painted with a clean finish.
  • Light Weathering: use of tools to make very small and light surface abrasions. Oils and acrylics used to simulate mild wear.
  • Heavy Weathering: use of tools to make deeper scuffs, abrasions and simulated cracks in the surface of the helmet. Oils and acrylics used to give a worn and dirty look.
  • Heavy Weathering + Bullet Holes: same as Heavy Weathering with the additional of two simulated bullet holes near the upper left temple. 

**All weathering is done by hand so no two helmets will be exactly alike**

**Default finish is Matte. Other finishes and colors may be available upon request at an additional cost.**

An incredibly unique and wonderful piece to help complete your costume or to purchase simply as a conversational item for your coffee table or mancave.

Options currently offered are for the eye setup and are purely cosmetic. One which includes an LED light setup. The lights are attached to the helmet via velcro making them easy to remove if required.

LED setup requires 2 CR2032 coin cell batteries (batteries not included)

*sized to fit snug on a 24" head.

Care instructions: Clean with soap and water. DO NOT use abrasives or harsh solvent based cleaning agents as they can ruin the paint job. Keep out of areas of exposed to high heat as long periods of exposure can cause the plastic to soften and warp.


Note: For those purchasing the version with LED lights, depending on inventory for light kits, there may be a slightly longer processing time.

All items are hand made, cast and painted, that said some imperfections may result from the casting process. These imperfections should be minimal and should not distract from the beauty of the piece.

We are in no way affiliated with Warner Brothers, Disney, Marvel or DC Comics. I design my items to look agressive and cool, but generic enough to be used in several different character cosplays dependant on the execution of the paintjob. Any likeness to past or existing characters is purely coincidental as the designs and 3d sculpts are my own. Items are available in a variety of colors but I choose to display my items painted red because it’s a popular color choice and can be utilized as an alternative stand in prop for a variety of different hero/villain variant costumes. My main point being that it should not be assumed that all red helmets are owned by a certain studio or affiliated with a certain character.