Commissions Update

Due to a ongoing medical issue and the extensive backlog of orders in which I have to fulfill, I will be changing the way I do business from this point forward. Effective immediately I will be creating a small batch of "ready to ship" items and will periodically post them to the shop for purchase. These items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis and will be shipped within 5-7 days after purchase.

These procedures have been established so I can maintain a minimum income stream in order to keep the shop operational while I work exclusively on fulfilling the backlogged orders. At the point when I am completely caught up, I may or may not decide to fully open the shop for short periods of time until a managable quota has been met for the month to ensure items can be processed more quickly and ship on time.

Until then, the focus on these "ready to ship" batches will likely be new showcase items. Depending on demand and availability, I may incorporate a random rotation of other popular items. This months showcase item is my new Exclusive Titan Helmet. Images and prices for this helmet can be viewed in the product listing. Follow @darkknightfx on Instagram and sign up for notifications as I will post story updates when items become available for purchase. As I said they will be first come first serve, so that means no pre-orders or holds.

I am beyond thankful for your support, understanding and patience. I will continue to do my best in bringing you the best cosplay props on the market. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Plan Accordingly

Since these items are in high demand and are custom, made to order pieces, please allow 8-13 weeks prior to shipping except for items listed as ready to ship.



Because all items are made to order, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. I encourage you to read all item descriptions prior to ordering.

Under circumstances where an item is damaged upon arrival due to a manufacturing defect we may offer an exchange on a case by case basis. Exchange claims must be received within 5 days of confirmed delivery. Please see our Refunds Policies Page for additional details.


All items are custom made wearable fan art.

We are in no way affiliated with Warner Brothers, Disney, Marvel or DC Comics. Any likeness to past or existing characters such as Ironman, Red Hood or Deadpool is purely coincidental as the designs are my own and no one, other than the person that designed them, should be able to claim ownership/intellectual property rights over something as vague as a red colored helmet.


This might be my favorite Red Hood helmet that I own and I have 14 different kinds, so that's saying a lot!

Ryan Voigt

Movie Quality. By far the best helmet/mask on the market. Bar none!

Chris Berberidis

This is a wonderfully crafted helmet. We are so honored to be using this as a centerpiece of our Red Hood Fan Series.

Ian Lang