Product of the Week : 4/29

Products in this collection will go on sale every Friday at 12pm EST, sold in short supply on a first come first serve basis.

POTW items will be shipped within 7-14 working days. Some items may allow for option selection while others may be sold as "ready to ship," and cannot be altered. Once an item sells out, I will update the POTW with the item that is to be sold the following Friday.


All items are custom made wearable art.

We are in no way affiliated with Warner Brothers, Disney, Marvel or DC Comics. I design my items to look aggressive and cool, but generic enough to be used in several different character cosplays dependent on the execution of the paintjob. Any likeness to past or existing characters is purely coincidental as the designs and 3d sculpts are my own. Items are available in a variety of colors, but most customers select red because it’s a popular color choice and can be utilized as an alternative stand in prop for a variety of different hero/villain variant costumes. My main point being that it should not be assumed that all red helmets are owned by a certain studio or affiliated with a certain character.

USPS Not Currently Shipping to Australia

i have recently found that packages I’ve sent to Australia have been coming back to me. Upon checking with current shipping guidelines, it appears that USPS is at the current time suspending shipments to certain places due to Covid restrictions. If you are in Australia and thinking of ordering something, please consider the other shipping options such as UPS/DHL or you can wait for covid restrictions with USPS to be lifted. For more into please go to

Comissions / Timeframe Update

Due to an ongoing medical issue and the extensive backlog of orders in which I have to fulfill, I will be changing the way I do business from this point forward. Effective immediately I will temporarily be ceasing new sales of helmets and armors. The only items sold will be of limited quantities and in most cases will already be 70% completed, only requiring paint and application of product options chosen at checkout. This will allow the items to be fulfilled within a much faster timeframe. As stated, I will only be selling these in limited quantities on a weekly basis as time/resources permit. If you have an interest in a product that is currently sold out, I suggest going to the product page and pressing the "NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE" option to sign up for in stock alerts. Restocks will be handled in the form of the Product of the Week(POTW) and listed on the main page of the website. Items in this collection will go on sale every Friday at 12pm EST and sold in short supply on a first come first serve basis.

These procedures have been established so I can maintain a minimum income stream in order to keep the shop operational while I utilize most of my time and resources on fulfilling the backlogged orders. At the point when I am completely caught up, I may or may not decide to fully open the shop for short periods of time until a manageable quota has been met for the month to ensure items can be processed more quickly and ship on time.

I am beyond thankful for your support, understanding and patience. I will continue to do my best in bringing you the best cosplay props on the market. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Plan Accordingly

Since these items are in high demand and are custom, made to order pieces, please allow 8-12 weeks prior to shipping except for items listed as POTW or ready to ship. I stress that these are only estimates and production/shipping times can be much shorter or take longer depending on the production methods required for a particular item. If you have a deadline in which the item has to reach you, I highly recommend you contact me to verify that I can complete the project on time before you commit to an order. I am a one-man operation and wear many hats in and outside the business (husband, father, son, brother). As such if events in my life happen which call me to step away for short periods of time, please understand that I have no employees to fill my position while I'm away, so my products can arrive later than expected. My products however I consider to be some of the best on the market, so it's up to you to decide if you're comfortable making the purchase and possibly having to wait beyond the estimated shipping times.


Because all items are custom and made to order, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. I encourage you to view all product images and read all item descriptions prior to ordering to include the estimated production/shipping times. Because the production times are only estimates, we do not offer refunds if the item arrives later than expected. I am being completely transparent in what to expect so it is the responsibility of the consumer to understand this and utilize their best judgement before committing to their purchase.

Under circumstances where an item is damaged upon arrival due to a manufacturing defect, we may offer an exchange on a case-by-case basis. Exchange claims must be received within 5 days of confirmed delivery. Please see our Refunds Policies Page for additional details.


This might be my favorite Red Hood helmet that I own and I have 14 different kinds, so that's saying a lot!

Ryan Voigt

Movie Quality. By far the best helmet/mask on the market. Bar none!

Chris Berberidis

This is a wonderfully crafted helmet. We are so honored to be using this as a centerpiece of our Red Hood Fan Series.

Ian Lang