About us

Dark Knight FX is a trendsetting Online Costume and Prop Shop, offering first-rate products and exclusive designs you won't find anywhere else.

Coming from humble beginnings in the foam cosplay community and learning from several great foamsmith resources, I was able to create some wonderful cosplay pieces. Sadly, I felt I had hit a ceiling as my products lacked proper mobility and long-term durability. They looked great from a short distance, but as soon as you really inspected them and were able to put your hands on the material the illusion was broken. I found myself unsatisfied and feeling that I had outgrown foam crafting and having seen the level of mobility and realism that was possible with resin and urethane props, I aspired to make more authentic movie quality pieces. Learning from observation and conversation with other great prop makers like GauntletFX, Hernandez EFX and ArtDeving(to name a few), I was able to achieve my goals as I taught myself to 3d model, utilize 3d printing technologies, mold, cast and paint my creations.

In 2015 I finally began to sell my pieces and Dark Knight FX was born. It currently stands as a one-man shop that operates out of my home. Early on I decided that in order to make a name for myself and develop my own space in an oversaturated market, I would only sell my own exclusive designs. Every part of the creative process from conceptual design to digital sculpting, prototype testing, molding, casting, paint and final assembly is all done in house. That way I'm not caught up in the monotony of competing with other shops whom all sell the exact same props made from 3d models they all bought from the exact same 3d modelers. When you buy a Dark Knight FX product, you're purchasing an exclusive piece that will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

As an artist working in a competitive market, I attempt to push myself every day to learn more efficient techniques for 3D modeling, molding and painting, many of which mimic or even rival techniques used in the film industry. I consistently try to stay ahead of the curve by upgrading and utilizing new equipment and technologies. This includes adding SLA printers to my shop for more detailed prints, new molding techniques which allow me to mold inner and outer surface details, automotive spray gun setups that allow me to use some of the best automotive paints and painting techniques for a superior finish in contrast to those who might just be using rattle can spray paints.

My goal is to "wow" the viewer/customer with pieces so realistic that even up close and in their hands, they still imagine them as real, or as something that looks just as good or better than items they've seen on film. I think in many aspects I've achieved this goal and even so I will still continue to grow, challenge and expand my skillsets. As I strive every day to become a better version of myself than I was yesterday, I hope to someday become part of a team of likeminded individuals and prop makers within the TV / Film industry so that I can expand my reach and share my vison with the world.

Dark Knight FX Shop Space
Dark Knight FX Shop Space
Paint booth and Equipment
Mixing, Paint and Sanding Stations
Sanding / Soldering Station
Sanding Station
Mixing Station
Mixing Station