New Shop, New Products and more to come!

This is an exciting month for us. We've broken free from Etsy and started our own shop. Although our catalog of products is small, it is ever growing as we have several items in the design stage as well as ones in the finishing stages prior to the molding process. This month alone we have added both our highly detailed Batman Gauntlets as featured in the Arkham Knight game as well as our custom and highly anticipated Red Hood Hybrid Helmet. The helmet was designed by me (Jerry Adams) and was 3D modeled by the amazing Steven Wilson at Crimson Coscrafts. I couldn't have asked for a better guy to help me bring this project to life. Later this month I also hope to bring another Red Hood Accessory, which as pictured is the Red Hood Shin Guards from the Arkham Knight DLC.  That piece is another gorgeous model done by none other than Stevie @ Crimson Coscrafts. The matching foot guard is not pictured but will be part of the set and added to our shop in due time so please keep us bookmarked and subscribed for more awesome cosplay gear!


  • Would you custom make one? If so how much would it cost to just use different colors?

  • I absolutely love the quality of your work! When can I order this Red Hood helmet? Their is nothing like it around. I just found something on Etsy that sort of looks like this. But not even close to your work. Please message me back when you can!

    Marc L
  • Are you guys making any more red hood mask (W/ the LED Lens ) and gauntlets?
    Wayne V.
  • Hey man I’m digging your work, I was wondering how much would it cost to have just the chest piece, helmet and holster for red hood?


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